Our History & Mission

SCE FCU is Your Community Credit Union

While the history of our Credit Union extends back nearly 60 years, the origins of the credit union movement take us back much further. Originating in Europe more than 160 years ago, credit unions were created for the purpose of helping farmers financially. By pooling their resources to purchase supplies at a lower cost, the farmers could then save their money in a collective during good harvest seasons, so money was available for borrowing when harvests were low. By doing this, they were able to borrow at rates much lower than those available at other financial institutions.

Today, the success of our Credit Union is based on the same essential principles. Over the past 60 years, we have built a solid reputation for stability and security. We too, started with the vision to create a member-owned, cooperative financial institution where all members could assist each other financially. That vision continues to flourish at SCE FCU, where members help each other finance automobiles, homes, boats, vacations and education for themselves and their children. It is precisely because we are a not-for-profit cooperative, that our members continue to benefit from their ownership by realizing higher savings yields, lower loan rates, and a steadfast dedication to the highest levels of service and convenience.

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