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Young Children & Saving

Talking with your child about money can go smoother if you keep the conversation age appropriate. The conversation starters and activities here can help you find the words.

Conversations about saving

  • When your child is standing in line for a turn on the swings, or looking forward to his favorite holiday, point out that sometimes we have to wait for things we want
  • Find a jar or can, and label it for saving. Suggest that your child put some of the money he gets into the saving jar, so he can buy a toy or treat when he has saved enough

Activities about saving

Piggy Bank Puzzle
Piggy Bank Puzzle
Print out the activity page and cut out the puzzle along the lines.
Download activity


The activity

Give your child half of the puzzle pieces, and work together to put the pieces in place.

  • Ask your child to name what's in the picture
  • Ask what the piggy bank represents
  • Ask your child why we try to save, and why a piggy bank can help

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